Geneviève & Michel - June 27 / by Rebecca Rowley

I always love it when couples provide a context that is so artistically rich and grand that you don’t even notice it. I think it has to do with love, passion and an eye for the aesthetics. Geneviève and Michel made it clear from the first time we met that this is who they were. They didn’t even have to say anything…that’s just how it was meant to be. Be it the early preparations at their place with the gentlemen, the tears and laughter-filled hair & make-up with the ladies, the fun first look and photoshoot in the Old Montreal, the formal ceremony at the Basilic Notre-Dame Chapel or the late night celebrations at the Jamaican Pavilion, everything was sharp, sweet and simply lovely. I had so much fun shooting their wedding and I hope you’ll enjoy these unique images. Enjoy!